Friday, 5 December 2014

Boggen's Advent Calender (Day Six) - Going Cold Turkey with Bill Grundy

For all the joy of Christmas, then comes the other side. The true meaning of Christmas, every now and again television puts this into focus with serious debates and discussions. Think Question Time with added three day old Turkey sandwiches. Who can think of anything more festive whilst wrapping presents to have two men talking about the merits of keeping Christmas and who do we spy as the festive Scrooge? Its Mr 'Wot a Rotter' himself Bill Grundy talking about axing Christmas, putting the point across that the festive season is no more an excuse to eat, drink and spending too much on presents. But to put the opposite view is Dr John Rae, the headmaster of Westminster School.

Wait, hang on. Have we been reversed here? A teacher encouraging fun at Christmas? Seems so, Lord Thames though this was a good programme to put out on Christmas Eve. Plus with its title 'Abolish Christmas!' meaning that the fun is being sucked out of Christmas some what. Though I do have a theory about Mr Grundy's grumpiness and its not to do with those 'Sex Pistols' either.

No I think it all stems from a little know series travel films produced by British Pathe in 1972. Telly Savalas got to visit Aberdeen, Birmingham and Portsmouth, Pete Murray went to Nottingham. At least James Mason got to look at some public conviences, but not our Bill. He went to Aylesbury and Windsor, maybe he could see what was coming after all and decided to turn himself into a Dickensian character, sweeping away the comforts for news. 

So let us remember Bill Grundy for what he was before and not what happened in 1976 and so here are two films where Bill Grundy visits...

"Here I am in a pub.."

"Oooh look, its the Queen!"

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