Saturday, 6 December 2014

Boggen's Advent Calender (Day Seven) - Hooked into Christmas

Music is always the ingredient which adds to Christmas, though never the less you cannot escape it when shopping or on the television as Noddy Holder's bank account gets bigger and bigger much like the ringing of the cash till for Roy Wood. 

So many songs are played to death, they have no meaning what it is to be a Christmas song and yet everyone does one it seems, just because they don't make it onto television and radio, doesn't mean they are not less important at all.  But I have been searching around for some songs which will hardly been heard since they were first put onto turntables.

First of all, its 1981 and after all that went with the Summer of that year came one phenomena. Its name is Hooked on Classics, all the best bits from those famous composers put on one single or album if you're more fancy. Though hold everything, the cash tills are ringing like sleigh bells, so what's the best way to keep the Hooked On.. franchise going? Well, do it at Christmas! Its easy, get those favourite tunes and add in that funky syth-beat, so what have you got? 

Well, actually... A flop...For all its effort, it failed to reach the top 75 chart. so maybe stretching an idea to breaking point isn't a good idea after all then. But just for you, here's it moment in the mid-winter's sun.

"Hooked, line and sunk.."

Second up from the masters of the Can Can is Bad Manners, to get in the festive mood they have reminded is that "Its Christmas Time Again" which sounds more a weary statement than a cheery single. The actual song isn't that bad, but which leaves the question how could this not even challenge for the Christmas Number One. Proving its not an art how to write or make a good song but somehow it must have got swamped by all the rest of the Christmas songs out there. To Buster Bloodvessel, he went and tried something and isn't that better then not trying it at all.

"A-neeny-nani-noo-noo.. A Merry Christmas to you..."

So not every Christmas song is Wizzard or a Fairytale of New York, think of those which haven't been played to death because there's always a surprise or two out there

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