Sunday, 6 May 2012

What is a Musikantenstadl? Here's Andy Borg to explain...

So, it that time again once again when Germans, Austrians and the Swiss dress up and go for a night out at a Musikantenstadl. But I hear you say what is a Musikantenstadl? Well, that's what I first thought when I saw one New Year's Eve when flicking through the channel on the satellite system bored looking for something, anything to watch. As the time counted towards midnight in German, acts like Nana Mouskori and Roger Whittaker turned up to entertain the slowly inebriated audience. 

Compared to anything else I had seen this was like the Val Doonican shows of the past, but on a much bigger scale. Its so big that, the set is like one huge alpine lodge including bar serving drinks. Ok, that seemed like a one off thing but over time when ever it on, I have tuned in to see it.

With its genial host Andy Borg, a cross between Englebert Humperdinck and a yodeller, he holds the whole thing together in the face of all the acts and the audience who at any opportunity want to give the stars a bunch of flowers or chocolates to show their appreciation without even one security officer rushing in to stop them. A far cry from what would happen in this country if anyone was to do at any live programme or event.

Such is its appeal, that the show since 1981 has gone to China, Croatia, Dubai, Melbourne and Cape Town to entertain the people there. Its appeal itself is the total opposite to both The Voice and The X Factor in which performers love to perform for their audience and the range of people at such a show ranges from the very young to the very old.

But why can't this type of programme actually work even in a slimmed down version in Britain, when Val Doonican and Roger Whittaker could get large audiences at one time. Though a silent change has been happening with both Sir Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck being part of competions, especially with Englebert being announced as this year's entry for Eurovision. Who handedly produces Musikantenstadl for ARD, ORF and SF. Where they maybe seen as old fashioned by some, its interesting at one time they were leading pop music into light entertainment back in the late sixties.

So maybe its time to give the golden oldies another chance, besides its not how old you are, it wheither you can still entertain...

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