Thursday, 1 March 2012

Please release me... No, because Enge will show you how to have fun at Eurovision...

Hello and welcome back to the blog after a short rest to regain my Light Entertainment mojo, but something today has stirred me again and its the choice of singer for this year's Eurovision and its Englebert Humperdinck... Ah, I can hear some of you moaning why him and also we won't win it now. But do we have to win it? I mean, its an entertainment show rather then the be all and end all of everything ever, ever, ever. 

To some younger viewers they would want to see an Cowell reject singing or maybe a load of reformed pop stars like Blue last year, but to me Englebert is the right choice as he is an entertainer first and foremost. A star for many years, having his own television show much like his contemporary Tom Jones back in the late sixties. Why should we be pressing to fight the good fight rather then having fun with this? To some its jingoism, the pride of the nation and I find that a load of sloblocks, it is a television programme not a warzone. Leave that stuff to Question Time and alike, there maybe questions asked if this an easy way out for the BBC of not wanting to do Eurovision. 

But they put up technical support to the host broadcaster along with the Germans, Italians, Spanish and French, plus the argument of 'Why not get the host broadcaster pay for it all?' Well, for the fact it creates money, such as a programme like Top Gear does for the BBC. Not all people may like Top Gear, but its sales pay for other programmes like Call the Midwife, the BBC's sports coverage and other entertainment shows. Money is such, that some will create itself. 

So there's nothing wrong with Enge doing this, he bring class to an already classy show. And the business we call show, there's wrong with a bit of a class act...

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