Monday, 6 May 2013

"Down with this sort of thing..." Careful now...

There will be another entry here from my fare fingers soon, but for some time I have been thinking about my future of writing about Light Entertainment. With Operation Yewtree going on and more arrests by the day, I will admit it has been hard to be motivated to write about stars without the fear they would be arrested or some story would come out about them.

Whatever you think about the whole thing is up to you, though in sometimes I have been taking a break from this and I think this is the right time to put across the positive side of Light Entertainment and Television. People may think it has been clouded by certain aspects, though it has brought us some of this country's most defining people and personalities. The embarrassment factor is there that the public have watched these personalities and they have become fallen idols overnight, but let's not forget they were the ones who entertained us and that others have done so with a grey leaden skies above them.

The world and shape of Light Entertainment may have changed by recent events, but there cannot be at any point the sort of pontification which has gone on so far. Idol rumors has caused for lawyer to be called in, some people have been sued for what they have said on social network sights. What actual may appear as a joke, might be truth but yet it could be non-truth. Now people have equated this to a suing culture, which maybe right or wrong, though in what we believe and think can be changed just like that. It maybe simple to say sometimes with so many names flying about, it might a case of the little boy who cried wolf. But in terms what it does can be said to hindrance to some and also yet others.

If there is justice to be done for people who have done crimes, let it be done and dealt with by the relevant authorities. By almost becoming vigilante journalists on this matter, it may only cloudy the water by putting names out in the open which may not be true, with experiences of vigilante justice around naming and shaming of people and seeing what effect it can have, plus also when it goes wrong because of innuendo and rumour, people should be very careful what they say with on going investigations.

Free speech should be always there, but when it can hinder it can make even more of a mess...

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