Monday, 24 December 2012

A little Christmas present for you all... A bit of That's My Dog...

Hello and Merry Christmas to you all, here as a Christmas Present to you is an as yet unpublished bit of TV Nostalgia from the feature I write for... My take on that cream of game shows... That's My Dog... Be sure to look back in the next couple of days when I look at Eric Sykes and his silent films...

Some shows can claim to be award winners, while others cannot but for the lack of them, they can be a lot of fun. That's My Dog can be said to be the latter, a game show where the main contestants were canine! Where Norwich was famous for Sale of the Century, Plymouth was famous for this.

Backed up by their owners, they would both try and eventually win a top prize of £500 in the end game where the dog sniff out the money which had been covered in their owners own scent. Before that, the canines would go through a maze to see who did it in the quickest time to gain points as well as the human owners answering doggy based general knowledge questions both about breeds and when the show's vet came on about medical questions on their pet.

University Challenge it may not have been, but it amused viewers for almost five years between 1984 and 1988 as ex-New Faces host Derek Hobson and his hostess or as the programme called her a 'Kennelmistress'. The first series, had the family's surnames they had the dog's name on the front of their podiums, any viewer tuning in might have been confused as to why a family's surname would be called 'Rex' and that was half the fun of this strange, confusing show. That's My Dog, a show ready to roll over and have its belly tickled!

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