Monday, 18 June 2012

TV Nostalgia - Chain Letters

Here is the latest TV nostalgia column printed in the Portsmouth News on Saturday 16th June on Chain Letters... Enjoy!

"Change a letter, do it again and that's how you play Chain Letters.." An easy enough explaination of a gameshow, but this daytime show was a lot more then that. First broadcast in 1987 with Jeremy Beadle as host, it seemed like a cut price version of the letters round in Countdown.

Contestants were individually given words, and they must change one letter at a time to make new words. Though its never what it seems, from a simple four letter word, they would usual change it to what viewer at home was thinking about, usually leading to them using a different kind of four letter word instead!

Various hosts each had a go at presenting duties. From Jeremy's replacement, Andrew O'Connor to Dave or as he was billed back in 1997, David Spikey. Affable and genial, seem the words to describe him , at times though it did seem like he looked like he was caught in headlights! But he had needn't have worried as one of his main writers on the show was none other then a pre-Phoenix Nights Peter Kay, supplying the jokes for him. Though some good must have come out of it for Spikey and Kay, as they employed former host and warm up man for the show Ted Robbins and Spikey, made that version of himself into the character Jerry 'The Saint' Sinclair. 

Now who said that presenting gameshow wasn't good for the career, especially when you can get great material for future projects from them!

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