Sunday, 5 February 2012

A slight Crick in the back...

This evening, I decided to plunge into BBC Four's 'Cricklewood Greats' as much of my twitter followers did as well. This mockumentry helmed by Peter Capaldi about a long forgotten British film studios played on the British film industry and what genres it has done well such as Horror and also Comedy as well. 

So much of what was spoofed was recognisable to the discerning lovers of both British movies and Pop Culture, as it might be too close what is fact. But in the suspension of this knowledge, it had so many laugh out moments in the programme. The actual quality of the material had so much owing to Armando Iannucci's style of programme, realistic but also humourous. Which explain's why Capaldi was chosen to lead the piece, with a great supporting cast playing the actors and actresses who worked for the studios.

But by seeing this, it becomes evident why these things are done so rarely just like Norbert Smith - A Life which could be the nearest comparable thing to it. There has has to be love for a subject to be able to spoof so accurately to make it believable, in which this does it spades with also a laugh every time you look either verbally or visually. If you do get chance to see on the BBC I-Player please do, because you'll not regret it...

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