Monday, 16 January 2012

No I'm Spartacus...

Normally, I don't do political blogs, as far as I'm concerned politics and me don't mix. But following the government's plans on Disability Living Allowance, I felt I had to. As a benefit DLA is a vital part of my life, without it I would not be able to travel anywhere at all as the motability component is a crucial part of it.

For many disabled people having a car on the motability scheme, is a lifeline to them, rather then being a prisoner in their own homes or wherever they live. Really, the changes to DLA are wrong. Yes, there's a need for reform but by cutting and altering a system which works, doesn't seem like the right solution. With DLA being a means of income for disabled people to purchase equipment which would help their life be better, its not only about wheelchairs and other items such as equipment to allow a better way of living for disabled people.

Items like dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines and even communications devices are vital. They make life easier for people who have trouble washing-up, cleaning clothes and even communicating with people who may live miles from them. A community can come together from nothing, with so many groups backing the Spartacus Report, the flow of social media can be seen as good. I use social media a lot to communicate with people, without them I would not have many friends through crippling shyness. I can communicate without having to talk and my point across, through DLA I have been able to do this.

We must not let the government, try to force through the changes meaning people will get less in the long run and into more financial poverty. It will mean that people will not be able to purchase products, will won't be able to help the economy and eventually people will be the losers as more services vital to disabled people are cut. 

My experience of DLA is one where it is used to survive and supply, that is the one thing that people want to do in this life. Meaning that people should have the right to have that, otherwise people in power who have got the means to support themselves can treat disabled people as fodder for their own mistakes and in a modern society we should not allow that to happen and that's why I support #spartacusreport

Normal service will be resumed later in the week, but thank you for taking the time to read this blog...

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